Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

It was amazing the difference I felt in such a short period of time once I started on Peptamen--I had my life back!!!!

In 2003, Lisa was diagnosed with severe idiopathic gastroparesis. The year was dominated with medical tests, doctor's visits, hospital stays and surgical procedures. She and her family saw specialists in four different states trying to get answers and all the while her weight continued to decline. When a diagnosis was finally made, she had gone from 130 pounds to 84 pounds. At that point she was put on TPN for several months with the goal of getting her strong enough for surgery to make a trac for the placement of a jejunal feeding tube. Lisa endured being on TPN, which was some of the worst times of her life. She and her husband live in a small rural Oklahoma community of about 1200 wonderful people; the amazing support of her family, church and community helped her endure everything she was going through. At the beginning of all of this they found themselves being in the hospital more than they were at home.

Lisa so often felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel, but soon after she was placed on a feeding tube and I began to feed Peptamen®, her weight started to improve, and energy level began to accelerate. She says it was amazing the difference that she felt in such a short period of time once she started on Peptamen—she had her life back!

Lisa owns and operate a floor covering business and she is now able to work every day. She was able to get her life back which has allowed her to live a full life filled with many activities. She is now busy hanging out with her grandchildren and family, mowing and landscaping her lawn, swimming, decorating homes and entertaining friends and family numerous times during the year. With her busy schedule she carries a portable feeding bag of Peptamen for 4 hours during the day as well as doing continuous feeding at night while she sleeps. She says how astonished she is at how well she feels now since she has been on Peptamen. She also no longer takes any prescription medications, she notes that her hair and skin look wonderful, and most importantly, feels great!

Lisa tells other that she is so grateful that God has led her to wonderful medical professionals who had the wisdom to prescribe Peptamen as her source of nutrition.  Lisa takes life as a gift from God and takes each and every day as a blessing!

Lisa hopes that by sharing my story that it will make a difference in other’s life.

Lisa, thank you for sharing your story. Your positivity through life’s challenges shines through in all that you do.  We are so happy you have “found your sunshine”!

<3 The Peptamen Family


Lisa is part of the Nestlé Health Science Patient Connections Program where patients share their stories to inspire and remind us why we do what we do -- provide valuable, complete nutrition to the patients we serve. In appreciation for a patient’s participation, Nestlé Health Science makes a donation to a nonprofit organization in the patient’s honor of his/her choosing. Prior to COVID, live programs were conducted at a Nestlé Health Science facility and patients received reimbursement for travel, lodging and food.

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